When the Enrights  were forced to move south into Zambia during the Congo conflicts of 1999, they had strong connections to Kafakumba in Congo, so they simply transferred the name to their new home in Zambia. 

     What Does "Kafakumba" mean? The name comes from the Lake in the Democratic Republic of Congo where they lived. Storks lived at the lake, but the local people killed many of them. The lake was named "Kafakumba", which means "the stork died" or "the dead stork." When the ministry was moved to Zambia in 1999  following an escalation of conflict in the DR Congo, the name came, too. They discovered an old trucking company for sale in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia and God provided a way to purchase it, so they developed it into a training center.

     However, in Zambia, "Kafakumba" sounds similar to the local words for "the pig died" or "the dead pig." This caused problems as the people wondered what sort of new neighbors would name their place "The Dead Pig." But the past several years have proven that Kafakumba is actually a wonderful example of how God's love can transform lives and bring LIFE!  

Where We've Come From

In 1999 when the Enrights moved to Zambia from DR Congo, they felt led to buy this old trucking company that was up for sale.  It wasn't much to look at then, but it's come a long way since then - click here to see what it looks like today!