Where We Are...As A Training Center

The Training Center can sleep about 250 people in the dorms (on the right of the picture) but can accommodate around 1,000 in the sizable auditorium (green roof in center).  There is also a children's building and a playground where Kafakumba Christian School currently meets (upper left of picture).  Meals are served in the large cafeteria (lower left) and there are several classrooms for breakout sessions (brown roof).  If you want to see what it looked like when we bought it in 1999, click here.

Where We Are...In Africa

Zambia is the slightly "U" shaped country where the arrow is pointing just south of the (much larger) country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the Enright family spent much of their ministry.  Zambia is roughly the size of the state of Texas,  and Kafakumba is very close to the DR Congo border in the northern province which is called the Copperbelt, because of its rich natural resources in mining.