Development AS Ministry

One of the unique qualities of Kafakumba is the sustainable businesses that are created. These businesses provide skills, money, and hope where these things once didn't exist. It's not about about giving a person a fish, but it's also not about teaching people to fish -- it's actually about going fishing with them - so you both have "skin in the game!"  That is in keeping with our principles of Community and Unity and ensures that when we "win" we all win and when we "lose" we all lose, but whatever we do, we do it "Together."

The hope is that the businesses provide support to those involved, providing a lifelong income for them and their families. See a short summary of Kafakumba's economic development activities on the menu on this page under "The businesses."

While several of the businesses have been "seeded" with money from overseas investors, the goal is to create businesses that are locally sustainable. There are plans in the near future to transfer the businesses into The Lamppost Foundation, the proceeds of which will support our Kafakumba Transformational Outreach  Ministries.