Kafakumba Training Center

The Kafakumba Training Center is the focus and locus of most of our formation ministry. The Center began as a mission project of United Methodist missionaries, John and Kendra Enright and Ken and Lorraine Enright. Although it is closely associated with United Methodists, it serves all who come. Its Pastors' School provides a seminary-type education for more United Methodist pastors than any other educational facility in Africa. The facilities of the Training Center are open for all to use at a very nominal charge due to the subsidizing support of the Development Ministries. One can see church and community groups meeting here regularly. Ministries for women, children, classes in skills, life training, economic development, health programming, and social and culturally-appropriate programming for all ages find a home at Kafakumba. Many partners from around the world, including Africa and the United States in particular, are part of the success of the Kafakumba Training Center. It is not only a ministry of the United Methodist Church, but also its own non-sectarian not-for-profit Center offered to others to foster formation. 

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