Kafakumba Christian School is a school for at-risk children in the community to help them better prepare for their schooling experience and currently have Preschool through 6th grade with 105 students - 15 in each grade! We are hoping to continue adding a grade each year as long as we are able to in order to help these kids get a great education. 50% of Zambia's population is under the age of 15 so there is lots of opportunity for loving them and pointing them on their way.

Robin Enright is instrumental in guiding the direction of the school. 

"God's Kids" is the name given to the afternoon ministries here for children. Lorraine Enright was the driving force behind the childrens' ministries until her recent passing. She supervised after school programs for children in neighboring towns and villages each day of the week from Monday to Friday, but this role is now held by Mama Therese (Pastor Kilembo's wife) who has done a wonderful job taking over. Interested in more info on the kids? 

Tutoring the unschooled has become our latest project.  Since many children live too far from school or can't afford the small fees for school, a tutor funded by a kind donor helps these children learn some basic language and math skills.

Check out this website: Kafakumba Christian School

Check out this great video of the preschool kids: Click here