Guest houses

Our guesthouses are available for short term use (1 month or less) at a cost of: 

Room with a private toilet/bathroom attached

  • 300 kwacha per person per night (Children under 5 are free and from 5-18 are 100 kwacha per person per night) 

Room with a shared toilet/bathroom

  • 250 kwacha per person per night (Children under 5 are free and from 5-18 are 60 kwacha per night) 

You can also rent the entire house for the following rates (we have 2 two bedroom and 2 four bedroom houses). There is a limit of 2 people in each room with a shared toilet/bathroom and 3 people (excluding young children) in a room with a private toilet/bathroom...

  • 2 bedroom: 750 kwacha per night
  • 4 bedroom: 1,200 kwacha per night

For extended stays, e-mail or call Pastor Kilembo, the Director, at (+26) 0969199196‬.

Guesthouses are self-contained, but if you rent a room rather than a whole house, the living space and kitchen are shared with others who may be staying in the other rooms. All utilities are included except internet. If you are interested in staying with us in our guesthouse, please fill out a "Go" form and let us know how many of you and what the dates are that you're interested in coming, as well as any special needs. We will let you know whether we are able to accommodate you.