The People

Kafakumba is not just a business or an organization.  Kafakumba is the people whose lives are committed to being part of this work of God.  If you don't know us, please take the time to get to...and download the latest update from each of us if you like.

  • John and Kendra Enright worked as missionaries in Africa since 1973 unitl John passed away suddenly on December 26, 2017 in a tragic road accident.

         Kendra continues to live near the Kafakumba Training Center and is officially retired. John and Kendra were involved in the construction of a Leadership Training Center when war started in the Congo in 1998 and they had to leave.   

         Since 1999 John and Kendra worked with the United Methodist Church in Zambia. They helped build the Kafakumba Training Center as their base, and from there were able to continue many of the same programs they had in Congo, particularly the Kafakumba Pastors' School. John started many development projects, working in partnership with Zambians in the areas of woodworking, agriculture, and business. Kendra has two grown sons, Brian and Nathan. Both boys and their wives are currently living in Zambia. 

  • Nathan and Robin Enright

    - Bee Sweet and Kafakumba Christian School

    Robin runs Kafakumba Christian School (KCS)  and spends a lot of time as a full-time Mom with the family. Since his father's death, Nathan oversees the honey company, Bee Sweet, as the CEO, and keeps busy helping run the Tilapia Hatchery and getting more beehives scattered around Zambia.  Nathan is John's youngest son and was raised here in Central Africa. 

  • Robert and Therese Kilembo - Director of KTC

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    Pastor Kilembo is the Director of Kafakumba Training Center and is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. Therese leads "God's Kids," teaches sewing classes and is part of a local women's group. In addition, she is still raising 1 child at home while 2 of her children are attending universities in Zambia and 1 is at Purdue University. 

  • Rabbeca Mususwa - Hospitality

    Rabbeca is our hospitality coordinator and is often the first smile you see welcoming you to Kafakumba Training Center when you come to visit.  Rabbeca is newly married to Gabriel!

  • David and Amber Steury

    David and Amber Steury have 2 children, Colton and Cade, and are an integral part of the Kafakumba Ministries.  Amber is busy with her 2 children but still finds time to help manage some of the guesthouses and consult on most of our construction and interior decoration.  David has his Masters in Electrical Engineering, but his job description involves much more than that - encompassing construction, repairs and maintenance and auto mechanics.  

  • Nate and Elinda Steury - Transformation

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    Nate and Elinda (Enright) Steury arrived at Kafakumba in mid-2013. They serve the Church here in Zambia in several ways. Since John's death, Nate does some accounting at Bee Sweet Honey, helping Nathan Enright in the management aspects of the business. 

         He is also here to provide support for the United Methodist pastors in Zambia and is himself a pastor of the English speaking congregation at Kafakumba Training Center. Elinda is a nurse and an online professor of nursing. 

         Nate and Elinda were both born and raised as MK's (Missionary Kids) in Africa. Elinda was born in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) to Ken and Lorraine Enright, and Nate in Kenya to Ernie and Sue Steury. 

         Their oldest son, David and his wife, Amber are also currently working at Kafakumba Training Center after moving here in December, 2015. 

  • Ken and Debbie Vance have been missionaries with the United Methodist Church (UMC) for many years. They served in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), before war forced them to leave in 1997. Ken is an ordained elder in the UMC as well as a pilot. His primary role in Congo was to direct and fly for Wings of the Morning, a mission flight ministry dedicated to transporting those without access to healthcare to medical facilities. Although his role as a pilot is no longer necessary in the work at Kafakumba, he teaches courses at the Kafakumba Pastors' School and preaches at his church in Fisenge, where they have moved into their new sanctuary.  Sadly, Deb passed away in May 2020.